I was born on 15th September 1988 to parents Ivo and Meta as the second child after my two years older sister Maja. 7 years later another sister Tadeja was born. As little girls my two sisters were very alike and I was totally different. Now for quite a few years I already am the smallest person of our family. But the outlook never influenced our parents' attitude to us.

We live in Ledine, small village of an altitude of 780m. Countryside there is beautiful and surrounded with hills makes it perfect for mountainbiking. My older sister Maja already has a family. They live nearby and I really enjoy spending time with my little nieces Maša and Sara.

Many times all our family gathers together to help working on our farm. These days keep us connected and give us back the feeling of belonging to nature away from the every day rush. One of that kind of days happened in autumn 2008, but ended miserably. After the work was almost finished I went to clean the machine while it was still working and suddenly my two fingers were totally cut off my left hand. Luckily we reacted calmly and I have only little consequences.

The more I think of myself, the harder I find it to describe my character. I was the only girl of my generation in our neighbourhood so I grew up in boys' company. Sports was always one of the main way of spending free time, more often the competitive way of sports – not only for pleasure and health, what I needed were challenges and being among the best helped me to higher self-confidence.

After finishing primary school I went to secondary school in Idrija. I was always among the best students. As a very good runner I was selected into the team that represented school at world championships in orienteeering. School teacher noticed my talent and introduced me to my first mountainbike trainer. Having no technical skills I first did only uphills, but after taking parts at some Slovenian cross-country races and joining Slovenian national team, I improved very fast. Meanwhile I played football in U16 girls team (we were national champions), I went skiing and cross-country skiing many times in winter time and if there were days with a lack of time I went for a short session of running or even better – mountain running. One of my goals was to run half marathon in Ljubljana below 1h20min, but I was nearly for one minute slower, which is still a good result.

All these sports and challenges helped me in adolescence to built my personality and physical abilities. Luckily my family supported me all the time and it still is. People in Ledine accepted my successes in sports with joy and pride, they created a fan club and are there always when I need their support. Nevertheless what makes me the most happy about is that more and more of them is cycling, running and having fun in any kind of sports.

After sucessfully finished secondary school I joined University in our Capital city to study chemical engineering. From year to year I was focusing on mountainbike more and more and I found it hard to study at the same time, so I made a break in studying. Good performance in Olympics in London with 10th place was a reward for all the time, work and energy put into training. This achivement highered my ambitions and gave my some fresh positive energy to continue my career as a mountainbiker.

ACHIEVEMENTS in mountainbike (cross country)



  • European XCO Championships Alpago - 4th
  • UCI MTB World Cup Windham - 6th
  • UCI MTB World Cup Mont-Sainte-Anne - 9th
  • Slovenian XCO Championships - 1st
  • Jelenia Gora Trophy (Poland) - 3rd
  • XCO Samobor (Croatia) - 2nd
  • Grazer Bike-Opening Stattegg (Austria) - 1st
  • XCO Premantura Rocky Trail (Croatia) - 1st
  • Andalucia Bike Race (Spain) - 2nd overall, 1st in stage 4 & 5


  • European Championships St. Wendel – 1st
  • UCI MTB World Championships Hafjell – 4th
  • UCI MTB World Cup XCO overall – 3rd
  • UCI MTB WC Windham – 2nd
  • UCI MTB WC Albstadt – 4th
  • UCI MTB WC Cairns – 5th
  • UCI MTB WC Mont-Sainte-Anne – 6th
  • XC Premantura C1 (Croatia) – 1st
  • Internazionali d’Italia Maser (Italy) – 1st
  • Internazionali d’Italia Montichiari (Italy) – 2nd
  • National Enduro Championships (Slovenia) – 1st


  • Overall World Cup winner
  • First World Cup race win
  • European Champion
  • World championship 5th


  • Olympic Games 10th
  • World championship 13th
  • National championship 2nd


  • european championship 3rd
  • National champion
  • 9th world cup race




  • world championship 4th
  • European championship 3rd
  • First time top 10 world cup race
  • National champion


  • recovering after injury, first DNF – world championship
  • 2nd national championship


  • world champion, european vice-champion
  • National champion


  • world championship 7th
  • National champion



  • world and european champion
  • National champion


  • first world championship, 3rd place
  • National champion

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