Awesome video from the last World Cup race in Hafjell!

It all came down to the last race in Norway. 6th place was more than enough to get the overall title. One of my life goals have been achieved, more to come in the next years.

I waited hard for this moment, the season is now over and for me the dreams came true. Race in Norway was really hard, I just didn’t felt that my legs are as strong as they were on other events. After such a long and hard season this is no surprise for me. I still managed to lift the pace during the race and finish just behind podium. I’m very happy for that.

I heard fans all over the course! They gave me great support and those extra atoms of power, so I could go to the sixth. Big part of the today's success is work of the Unior team and support of my fans.

I will have to sleep over and rally grasp the meaning of the today's success. But I already know that I'm on the good way forward and I'm already looking forward to the next seasons!

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I had a really good start – not the fastest, but the optimum, so I stayed next to the leading girls. We rode together for a while, with pumping up the pace ahead of technical sections, and riding easier on other parts. Eva Lechner crashed in front of me in the second lap, but I managed to catch up with the fastest girls again. This was a good sign of my strength today. I took over the lead in the second half of the 3rd lap, but before the longest rocky section Maja passed me and did a small gap. I tried to catch up with her and then did a mistake. I went out of the perfect line on the last descent and just crashed on the ground. After that I stopped in the technical area, and my mechanic set the bars back in right position. I lost a contact with the leading group, plus I was also out of my racing rhythm for a while. But I put my head back in order and managed to have a good race till the end. I was riding my own pace, went fast through technical sections, but I couldn’t bridge the gap to the leaders. I would also like to say thank to the team, everybody did a great job and helped me get this result. I’m happy with the fifth place on the World Championships, although I will not deny the desire for better result. A medal or even jersey. But I will have new opportunities for that.

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